Rome Public Tours

An itinerary by coach and on foot to visit the classic monuments of Rome Crossing
Piazza della Repubblica with the Fountain of the Nayads, our local guide will take you on a pleasant stroll through the historical centre, where you can admire the Trevi Fountain, La Colonna di Marco Aurelio, the Palazzo di Montecitorio, designed by Bernini, the Pantheon (visit inside), Palazzo Madama – seat of the senate, and Piazza Navona. Passing alongside Castel S. Angelo the bus will leave you close to the Vatican City. Having admired St. Peter’s Square where you can hear all the guide has to say about the Basilica, you will then have the chance (except when there are religious celebrations) to explore this magnificent church on your own and to admire masterpieces such as Michelangelo’s “La Pietà” and Bernini’s bronze canopy before rejoining the bus.
Every morning (except March 20st)
Duration: 3 hours
Important: Entrance to churches requires appropriate attire (no shorts, miniskirts or uncovered shoulders)
The tour begins by coach passing through Piazza della Repubblica with the Fountain of the Nayads and following the ancient Aurelian walls which once surrounded the ancient city. From Piazza del Popolo where you will see an Egyptian obelisk dating back to the time of Ramses II. Finally, on arrival at the Vatican Walls, your guide will then lead you into the Vatican Museums* taking the beautiful Spiral staircase and continuing through the Gallery of the Tapestries and the Gallery of the Geographical Maps before arriving in the famous Sistine Chapel* with its magnificent fresco of the Last Judgement by Michelangelo.
(except on Sundays and religious holidays)
From March 1st to Oct. 31st Every day Morning and Afternoon
From Nov. 1st to Febr. 28th Monday Morning; Tuesdays – Wednesdays – Thursdays – Saturday Afternoon Friday Morning and Afternoon; Dec. 24th and 31th only Morning
Duration: approx 3 hours
Important: Entrance to Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel requires appropriate attire (no shorts, miniskirts or uncovered shoulders)
Arriving by coach at Piazza Venezia you then continue on foot to the famous Piazza del Campidoglio designed by Michelangelo from where you will have a fantastic view of the Roman Forum. By coach we will then drive by the Circus Maximus and the Aventino Hill. Stop to admire the beautiful statue of Moses by Michelangelo located in the Church of St. Peter’s in Chains from where it will take us 5 minutes to reach the symbol of the eternal city: The Colosseum (visit inside, the entrance fee is included). Due to seasonal opening times the itinerary may be altered without notice.
Every Afternoon (except March 20st)
Duration: approx 3 hours
Important: Entrance to churches requires appropriate attire (no shorts, miniskirts or uncovered shoulders)
In order to arrive at the Vatican City we pass by some of the most famous sights of the city, starting with the Piazza della Repubblica with its Nayad Fountain then the beautiful Piazza Barberini with Bernini’s lovely Baroque Tritone Fountain. Continuing along the famous Via Veneto, we reach and then follow the ancient Aurelian Walls passing by the impressive Villa Borghese park until we get to the Piazza del Popolo, the northern entrance into ancient Rome with its Egyptian obelisk dating back to the time of Ramses II. Just before arriving at St. Peter’s Square we pass by the massive Castel S. Angelo the ancient tomb of Emperor Hadrian. The Papal Audience will take place either in St. Peter’s Square, St. Peter’s Basilica or the Audience Hall; according to seasonal conditions and the number of pilgrims involved. Our local guide will advise you when and where to meet the bus at the end of the audience.
Every Wednesday morning
Duration: approx. 3-4 hours
Important: Entrance to churches requires appropriate attire (no shorts, miniskirts or uncovered shoulders)
Panoramic Tour of Rome + Dinner (drinks included)
After an interesting panoramic tour of the city, which will also include a stop at the Trevi Fountain, you will be left in a local restaurant for a dinner (drinks included). After dinner, return to the vicinity of your hotel.
Every evening (except Dec. 24th and 31st)
Duration: approx. 3 hours
Discover some of the main monuments of the Eternal City in the romantic atmosphere of times past. Some of the sights you pass by include The Fountain of the Nayads, The Exhibition Palace, Piazza Venezia with its Tomb to the Unknown Soldier and the Capitoline Hill. Glimpse the Imperial Roman Age as you drive by and admire the Roman Forum, the Colosseum, the Arch of Constantine and the Circus Maximus. Leap into the Papal era when, driving along the banks of the Tiber, you see the Jewish Quarter complete with synagogue and the imposing Castel Sant’Angelo close by that heralds your approach to St. Peter’s. Set in the ancient Aurelian Walls that frame part of the Villa Borghese park, you’ll see a couple of the most beautiful gateways in Rome: Porta Flaminia through which you can admire the Piazza del Popolo and Porta Pinciana, through which you reach the famous Via Veneto symbol of “la dolce vita” in Rome. There will be two stops on this tour: at Piazza Navona to see Bernini’s beautiful Fountain of the Four Rivers and at the Trevi Fountain so that you can keep up the tradition of throwing coins into the fountain. Return to the vicinity of your hotel.
(except Dec. 24th and 31st) – Every evening
Duration: approx. 2 hours
During the summer months, this excursion permits us to leave the Capital and spend some
time with The Pope at his summer residence. Leaving Rome we pass by the enormous ruins of the Baths of Caracalla before taking the Ancient Appian Way and passing the Chapel of “Domine Quo Vadis?”. The tour will then proceed to the south of Rome, through characteristic hills many of which are of volcanic origin, known as ‘Colli Albani’. The Pope’s summer residence is very near the volcanic lake of Albano and the Papal Blessing will take place in the square facing the Papal palace of Castelgandolfo.
Sunday morning when The Pope is in residence at Castelgandolfo.
Duration: Approx. 4 hours
Following the ancient Via Tiburtina for 30 Kms. east of Rome, this tour allows you to visit and compare two very splendid villas from two different ages. The Villa Adriana dating back to Roman Times and the Villa D’Este from the Renaissance period. At the foot of the Tiburtini hills, source of the springs that supply the spa town of Bagni di Tivoli and which are dominated by vast quarries of travertine marble, you will stop first to visit the ruins of Villa Adriana which can only hint at the grandeur and beauty of this Villa built by Emperor Hadrian to remind him of the monuments and sites he had admired during his travels in the East. We then continue to the Villa D’Este, one of the most beautiful residences of the Renaissance. The Villa’s countless fountains, set in the heart of magnificent Italian style gardens, create a delightfully graceful
symphony of carved stone, shade, sunlight and water.
From 1st Apr. to 30th Sep. – Every day except working Mondays – Afternoon
From 1st Oct. to 31st Oct. – Every day except working Mondays – Mornings
From 1st Nov. to 31st Mar. – Tue., Thur., Sat. and Sun. – Mornings
Duration: approx. 4 hours
Florence, the cradle of the Renaissance period, where you breathe art in its Medieval
streets, the craftsmen’s’ workshops and the Renaissance Palaces. Here, the memories of
the Medici family are linked with the splendor of the works of the renowned artists
like Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and Botticelli. Leaving Rome in a northerly direction and crossing the green valley of the Tiber, you pass the slopes of the Apennines covered with olive groves and vineyards to reach the famous valley of Chianti, before finally arriving in Florence built on the banks of the river Arno. The city tour will start with a visit to the Academy Museum where you will see the magnificent David by Michelangelo before continuing on foot with your local guide to see the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore with its beautiful dome by Brunelleschi. Other treasures, the Baptistery and Giotto’s Bell Tower can also be admired before reaching Piazza della Signoria, the ‘heart’ of Florence. Your included lunch will be served in a typical Florentine restaurant before resuming your walk in the afternoon and making you way to Piazza Santa Croce where the church of the same name is situated and where great artists like Michelangelo are buried. You will have the opportunity to visit a leather shop in order to admire one of the typical crafts of the city, and here you will also have some free time to see the work of local goldsmiths and other traditional craftsmen. Departure from Florence at approximately 5.00 pm for the return journey to Rome. Return to the vicinity of your hotel.
Useful Information: We suggest that you wear comfortable shoes, and remember that it is not permitted to visit churches in shorts, miniskirts or with uncovered shoulders.
Every Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays from 1st Mar. to 31st Oct. Every Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 1st Nov. to 28th Feb., (Except Dec. 25th and Jan. 1st). 8 people minimum
Duration: approx. 13 hours
A journey to discover art, history, folklore and archaeology in one of the most typical
regions of southern Italy. Leaving Rome in a southerly direction, we take the “Highway of the Sun” crossing the fertile Roman countryside through the area known as the ‘Castelli Romani’.
Approximately halfway along the highway, you will be able to see the Abbey of
Montecassino, noted for its famous battle and complete destruction during the Second
World War. Descending towards the port of Mergellina and following the coastal road, we arrive in the ancient fishing quarter of Santa Lucia and see the impressive Castel dell’Ovo (photo stop). The city tour continues crossing the historical centre to see Piazza del Plebiscito, the Royal Palace, the Basilica of San Francesco di Paola, the San Carlo Opera House, the Gallery of Umberto I and the imposing Maschio Angioino. Upon leaving the city, we cross the fertile valley of Mount Vesuvius, passing the towns of Ercolano, Torre del Greco and Torre Annunziata before finally arriving at Pompeii, where we stop first for lunch. After that we will visit the excavations on foot with a local guide on an archaeological journey through the ancient city. In approx. 2 hours you will see some of what has been discovered in more than 1,700 years since Pompeii was covered by ashes during the eruption of Vesuvius in the year 79 AD. Through the remains and ruins of this ancient city, we can picture the everyday life of the Imperial Age and imagine the panic felt by the people in those last few minutes before the city was so disastrously buried. At the end of the visit to Pompeii we will return to the coach for a journey of approx. 3 hours back to Rome. During this excursion we will visit a coral and cameo factory where we will have the opportunity to admire and purchase items of this ancient craft that dates back to Greek times.
Useful Information: we suggest that you wear comfortable clothes and shoes
for this excursion, and to wear sunglasses and sun hat in the summer months.
Every day (except Dec. 25th and Jan. 1st)
Duration: Full day -approx. 13 hours
Capri, situated in the Gulf of Naples, surrounded by an emerald and turquoise sea, is often called the pearl of the Mediterranean. This Island of Dreams has enchanted many people with the incomparable beauty of its rugged landscape, the mildness of its climate, the richness of its vegetation and its characteristic small white houses. Leaving Rome in a southerly direction you take the “Highway of the Sun” crossing the fertile Roman countryside and the area known as “Castelli Romani”. Approximately halfway along the highway you will be able to see the Benedictin Abbey of Montecassino, noted for the famous battle and its complete destruction during the Second World War. Arriving in Naples you will board the jet boat for the 45 minute crossing to Marina Grande, the port of Capri. Here you will then board motorboats to reach the Blue Grotto optional visit (if weather and sea conditions permit). Minibuses are then used for a panoramic drive to reach Anacapri, situated at 280 meters above sea level from where you will have a wonderful view of the Bay of Naples. After lunch in a local restaurant, you will have some free time to take unforgettable photographs and purchase local products before returning to Marina Grande to board the boat back to Naples. Entering the port of Naples, don’t miss this opportunity to admire the splendid Maschio Angioino (a fortress of the 12th century), the Certosa of San Martino and the Royal Palace. After disembarking you will then take the coach for the return journey of approx. 3 hours, back to Rome. Return to the vicinity of your hotel.
Useful Information: During the journey from Rome to Naples, it will not always be possible to make a comfort stop, but the boats for Capri have bar and restroom facilities. We would recommend that you wear comfortable clothes and especially comfortable shoes to assist you when boarding the boats. During high season there may be delays in boarding the boats and minibuses and we ask you to pay particular attention to your guide to avoid getting separated from your group.
Important: If the sea conditions are so bad as to not permit the boats to leave from Naples to Capri, it will be necessary to substitute this tour with the tour of Pompeii (tour 15) and the difference in price will be reimbursed.
From April 1st to Oct.31st – Every day
From Nov 1st to March 31st – Every Thursday-Friday-Sunday(except Dec. 25th and Jan. 1st) From 1st Nov. to 31st March minimum 4 people